Agency for design, engineering, consulting and real estate PROJEKTINŽENJERING Niš, with its offices in Niš, has been registered at the Serbian Business Registers Agency in the Companies Register No. BP 82725/2008 since June 9, 2008.

Dragan Zlatkov M.Sc, the founder and owner of the Agency, has been engaged in designing, supervision, engineering and construction works since 1983. He is the Master of Science in Civil Engineering, and is currently completing his doctoral dissertation.

As a responsible construction designer, via the Institute for Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engeneering and Architecture, University of Niš (currently employed as an assistant professor), as a collaborator of other well-established engineering firms and organizations, and as PROJEKTINŽENJERING owner, he has designed a great number of objects, gross floor area exceeding 1.000.000m2, most of which have been or are currently being constructed.

As its staff, the Agency employs dedicated professionals with substantial experience, professional certificates and appropriate licences and references in the field of architectural design and particularly civil engeneering design and construction works, as well as high quality and ambitious young professionals.

Besides design and engineering, we are also engaged in supervising building works and other engineering and consulting services needed for realization of investment projects as well.

The Agency currently employs, apart from Dragan Zlatkov, the owner, four university graduate civil engineers, four university graduate engineers of architecture, a civil engineer and an electronic engineer. If needed, extra staff is hired to cope with the increased workload.

Agency for design, engineering, consulting and real estate


Cara Dušana 90-92, mezzanine, L9 i L10, Niš